Avondale Membership

Membership Regular
Individual $895
Mon-Fri $695
Shoulder season $500
Junior (18 & under) $195
Couples $1,550
Family $1,875
Student (19-26) $575
One Day Mon-Fri $450
One Day Sat-Sun $525
Power Cart per seat $450

* ALL Memberships are subject to HST

* ALL Memberships have a $20 charge added on for the PEI Golf Association

* Those who are 65+ receive 5% discount off Individual, Mon-Fri, Shoulder, and Couples memberships

* New members are entitled to $20 off their membership for each new member acquired, limited to Full Individual memberships and up until $300 saved
(Ex. Group of 8 new members who all know each other and join at the same time would save 8 x $20 = $160 off each of their memberships)

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