Course Comparison Chart

Course Holes Green Fee (High Season) # of Tees GPS Practice Facilities Food & Beverage
Andersons Creek18 Holes$90.005Hand HeldYESYES
Avondale18 Holes$65.004NOYESFull Service Restaurant
Belfast9 Holes$30.002YESYESYES
Belvedere18 Holes$75.004YESYESFull Service Restaurant
Brudenell River18 Holes$95.004YESYESFull Service Restaurant
Clyde River18 Holes$45.003NOYESYES
Countryview18 Holes$70.003NOYESFull Service Restaurant
Crowbush Cove18 Holes$125.005Screen on CartYESFull Service Restaurant
Dundarave18 Holes$95.005YESYESFull Service Restaurant
Eagles Glenn of Cavendish18 Holes$95.005NOYESYES
Fox Meadow18 Holes$89.004NOYESFull Service Restaurant
Glasgow Hills18 Holes$119.004NOYESFull Service Restaurant
Green Gables18 Holes$100.004NOYESYES
Mill River18 Holes$90.005NOYESFull Service Restaurant
Red Sands9 Holes$27.503NOYESYES
Stanhope18 Holes$723NOYESFull Service Restaurant

Course Distance Chart

Course Region
(Tee time Engine)
Distance from
Wood Islands Ferry
Distance from
Confederation Bridge
Distance from
Charlottetown Airport
Distance from
Andersons CreekNorth Shore89.6 kms42.6 kms34 kms32.3 kms
AvondaleEastern34.4 kms88.7 kms34.4 kms91.1 kms
Belfast Highland GreensEastern22.7 kms98.4 kms44.1 kms101 km
BelvedereCentral52 kms58 kms4 kms61 kms
Brudenell RiverEastern37.2 kms108 kms53.3 kms110 kms
Clyde RiverCentral69.7 kms43.3 kms15.7 kms58.1 kms
CountryviewCentral77.9 kms50.6 kms23.9 kms65.3 kms
Crowbush CoveEastern67.1 kms90.3 kms36 kms92.7 kms
DundaraveEastern37.2 kms108 kms53.3 kms110 kms
Eagles Glenn of CavendishNorth Shore92.7 kms47.1 kms37 kms36.8 kms
Fox MeadowCentral47.2 kms65.9 kms11.6 kms68.3 kms
Glasgow HillsNorth Shore81 kms46.5 kms25.4 kms42.8 kms
Green GablesNorth Shore90.8 kms47.6 kms35.2 kms37.3 kms
Mill RiverWestern168 kms82.1 kms112 kms57.3 kms
Red SandsNorth Shore97.9 kms34.1 kms42.2 kms22.3 kms
StanhopeNorth Shore71.7 kms65.4 kms18.4 kms63.7 kms

Cource Information Chart

Course Year Built/Renovated Golf Course Architect Par Yards
Andersons Creek2003Graham Cooke726651/6268/6031//5446/4912
Avondale1999Jeff Fuller726768/6416/5857/5187
Belfast1999Graham Cooke373200/2798
Belvedere1902/1999John M. Peacock/Graham Cooke746494/6155/5760/5334
Brudenell River1969Robbie Robinson726541/6055/5360/5004
Clyde River1990/2010Ozzie MacEachern716066/5822/5048
Countryview1998/2011William G. Robinson726229/5740/4965
Crowbush Cove1993Thomas McBroom726903/6575/6150/5362/5010
Dundarave1999Dr. Michael Hurdzan/Dana Fry727089/6606/6028/5257/4820
Eagles Glenn of Cavendish2000Graham Cooke726785/6370/6040/5630/5075
Fox Meadow1999Rob Heaslip726836/6570/6201/5392
Glasgow Hills2001Les Furber726915/6411/5801/5236
Green Gables1939/2007Stanley Thompson/Thomas McBroom726874/6480/6064/5286
Mill River1971Robbie Robinson726840/6527/6136/5586/5282
Red Sands2000Allan Whitehead322410/2255/2001
Stanhope1969Robbie Robinson726618/6217/5785