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Golf PEI is a Non-Profit Association

Please note that Golf PEI is a non-profit association of provincial golf industry stakeholders. Our mandate is to promote Prince Edward Island as a golf destination and to draw golfers from all over the world to our more than 400 fairways on Prince Edward Island.


In serving this mandate, we are unable to support any requests that are deemed to be local or do not encourage travel to Prince Edward Island. If your event is held on PEI, please contact the golf courses directly. We cannot support events that occur on Prince Edward Island. The list of our member courses can be found here.

Eligibility Guidelines:

We receive a significant number of requests each year and unfortunately, cannot support each one we receive. To assist in the management of our contributions, Golf PEI have adopted the following guidelines.

Golf PEI is governed by a board of directors. Please keep in mind that a minimum 30-day notice is required for all requests.

Golf PEI recognizes that there are many worthy requests and to assist with our choices, we ask you to complete the form below, adding as many details as you can in the comment section, keeping in mind our guidelines.

Golf PEI does not support individuals, religious organizations, private schools, political parties or candidates.

Golf PEI does not provide cash sponsorship.

Golf PEI does not own any of its member golf courses. It is an industry association, therefore, we are unable to accommodate free golf requests. For golf requests, please contact our member courses directly. In some cases, Golf PEI can provide small player gifts (i.e. ball marker, etc) for participants in a golf tournament held outside of PEI. Please indicate the number of players for your tournament in the comments section.

We place a priority on supporting events where there are a lot of golfers that we can reach. (i.e. golf tournaments). We cannot respond to every request that we receive.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of this procedure.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at 1-866-GOLF-PEI (465-3734).

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