August 13, 2012

Audubon recognizes Links at Crowbush Cove

 A P.E.I. golf course has been named an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, one of fewer than 1,000 courses in the world to receive that designation.

Links at Crowbush Cove superintendent Nancy Pierce has been working 10 years to have the course recognized by Audubon.

"This is a big one. I am very proud of it," said Pierce.

"I got the email and I was jumping up and down. I was just so happy that we finally got it," she said.

It is the first P.E.I. course to be recognized by Audubon. The international society created the program to protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of golf and values the use of fewer pesticides and less water on the greens.

"Crowbush is well known across Canada as a course where not only is it extremely high maintenance or high playability, but it doesn't come at a cost to the environment," said Pierce.

"It's easy to do if you do the less-is-more concept. Keep the course as playable as possible but at the same time remembering it is in a natural environment and we have to be good stewards."

Crowbush will keep this designation for two years then apply again for recertification.

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